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February 28, 2006



willard brown's mo=ther Allie Brown lived in Kissimmee ,florida until her death in 1986 she was over 100 years old ,she is buried in Rose Hill Cemetary in Kissimmee,fla,His firstcousin Cleo landry is also resting in Rose Hill Cemetary sinc e2004 .Willard Brown still has existing family in Orlando,Florida that has more of the story of Willard brown

Hank Satterwhite

In 1955 Willard Brown was playing for the Houston Buffaloes in the Texas League. I got his autograph along with Bob Boyd's. They were the first African-Americans to play in Houston. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jeffrey Newman

In honor of Willard and the other Monroe (LA) Monarchs, we dedicated a historical marker for the team. For all of the related press, pictures and video, please go to our website, www.monroemonarchs.org

Nelson Lopez

I saw Willard Brown play in Puerto Rico. He was one of the most tremendows hitters I ever saw. He could hit for average and his power was something extraordinary. He played in Puerto Rico at the same time with Monty Irvin. These two players, in my opinion, were the greatest hitters I ever saw.

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