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February 28, 2006


J. Wright Jeffery

I am interested in knowing if anyone knows anything about the Black East Texas Baseball League and the Black Trogans from Tyler, Texas who played in that league about 1943 or later. I have a picture of that team. My father played on the team. Tyler is the hometown of a player who, I believe was inducted into the Hall of Fame or was nominated to be inducted.

Art T. Burton

I can't understand how Ted "Doubleduty" Radcliffe has been left out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I just knew he was going to be inducted with this latest group of Negro League baseball players. I don't know of a player more deserving of the recognition than "Doubleduty." I would love to hear some explanation.

Tom Kessler

To whom it may concern,

As you may have heard, Buck O'Neil was denied in his bid for the Hall of Fame yesterday. Like you, no doubt, I am very upset at the omission of Buck O'Neil from this year's slate of Hall of Famers. I can't possibly imagine how anyone could justify leaving out a man such as Buck O'Neil, who has done more to serve the game of baseball than any five Hall of Famers you might pick out of a hat. Moreover, as Buck is a 94 year old man, this may be the last chance we have to honor this great ambassador of baseball while he is still alive.

I refuse to believe this is the final word on the issue, and I've seen the web do great things that no one expected was possible in the past, and so I've written an online petition, which I'd like to invite you to sign and forward to anyone you know who would like to participate. I am passing this on to all the baseball blogs and message board posters who have shown an interest in Buck O'Neil and I am hoping that his supporters can get some momentum for Buck's induction. Thanks for any advice and support you can provide in this effort,

Tom Kessler
[email protected]


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