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Martin Dihigo


May 25, 1905


May 22, 1971


Cuban Stars, Homestead Grays, Hilldale, Baltimore Black Sox, New York Cubans


Pitcher, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, Outfield, Catcher

Hall Of Fame:



A native Cuban, Dihigo embarked upon his baseball career states with the Cuban Stars in 1923. For thirteen seasons he remained one of black baseball’s biggest stars, proving himself to be not only competent, but exceptional, at every position on the field. He consistently remained near the top of the league in both batting average and homerun totals. Similarly, he was ranked among the Negro Leagues’ top 2 or 3 pitchers. And, defensively, he plied his craft at every infield and outfield position, and at catcher to boot.

While maintaining his position as one of black baseball’s greatest stars, Dihigo spent his off season months playing winter ball in his native Cuba. On the island his legend grew quickly as he year-after-year posted .300+ batting averages occasionally interspersed with .400+ seasons. During the 1930s he was also one of Cuban baseball’s finest pitchers.<.p>

The later years of his career found him playing in Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and elsewhere throughout Latin America, an era of his career that earned him recognition in Mexico’s Baseball Hall Of Fame.

In recognition of his stateside performance in the Negro Leagues the Veterans Committe On The Negro Leagues elected Dihigo to National Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1977.

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