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August 23, 2006



Thanxs, this is going to help me alot with my nation history day project.


hey i love this website….it gave me a lot of information for my homework and i got a 100% on my paper thanks alot…xoxoxo


Thats cool!

Mike LoPilato

Can you tell me anything about the conflicts and compromises about the starting of the negro league / the players…i am doing a school report.


A great many official Negro League games were played in major league stadiums, and great many of Josh Gibson's homeruns were hit in those stadiums. Of course, Negro League teams played dozens of exhibition games every year in a variety of ballparks around the country. The dimensions of most parks, however, would have been on par with most major league parks.

As to whether Gibson's homeruns were hit under the same circumstances as those of Aaron and Ruth, the answer would be yes and no. Many of his homeruns were hit in major league parks against top flight Negro League pitching. Certainly, the best moundsmen of the Negro National and Negro American Leagues were on par with their major league counterparts. In point of fact, many of these oustanding pitchers later pitched in the major leagues after integration. Some of his homeruns, however, were hit against somewhat lesser pitching in non-league games.

Having said all of that, I think this is the point. There are a few rare athletes that come along from time to time that are so superior in their performance to their peers that everyone notices and appreciates that they are something special. In baseball a few of these players would have been Aaron, Ruth, and Gibson. It is really pointless to say that one is better than the other. Suffice it to say that each was great and should rightfully be considered among the special class of athletes that we refer to as "the greats."

Mike Plaisted

were Gibsons homeruns under the same circumstances as Babe ruth or Hank Arron?

Mike Plaisted

I was wondering if the outfield was the same size as the majors, and if Gibsons homeruns were under the same circumstnces as Babe Ruth or Hank Arron?

Golden Hoskins

Can you tell any information regarding the history of the Columbus Blue Birds Negro League Team, And the colors of their uniforms in 1933 before they merged with the Cleveland Giants.

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