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November 21, 2005


judith johnson

I am looking for a player with the last name of baltimore i would like this information for is family.

Doc (Bankhead) Settles

Greetings BB fans, When I visit Dan Bankhead's grave next week in Houston's national Veteran's cemetary, I will let him know that his brother Sam was listed as a potential candidate on the roster. I will also let him know that the story of "The Bankhead Brothers", has yet to be told. I'm sure he will smile as he always did, even in his final day's at the VA hospital. Maybe someday the Bankhead boy's will take the field again…Thank You

Daniel Womack

After the inductees have been announced I'd love to see Buck O'Neill, Wild Bill Wright, Ted Radcliffe, and Piper Davis get in. Great to see guys like Biz Mackey, Ben Taylor and otheres get the credit they deserve. I also feel this shouldn't be a one year thing. We need to start filling the Hall with players who deserve to be there who for decades have been left in the shadows. It's time to shed light on their glorious careers and the stories of their wonderful lives.

Ted Kerchner

Dobie Moore was a great player but his 7 year career was really too short for the HOF. Chino Smith had a 7 year career, was a better hitter and was not and should not be a finalist. I suggest Bill Monroe as a HOF candidate in Dobie's stead.

Dennis Mark King

It's about time! Clean sweep…all 39! +Wild Bill!

Nothing less……..

steven greened

Now, let's get serious. Here are the 24 men who should be elected off the final 39: Biz Mackey, Mule Suttles, Pete Hill, Dick Lundy, Christobal Torriente, Jud Wilson, Louis Santop, Willard Brown, Dick Redding, Ben Taylor, Spot Poles, Newt Allen, Ray Brown, John Beckwith, Sammy Hughes, Oliver Marcelle, Bill Byrd, Home Run Johnson, CI Taylor, John Donaldson, Jose Mendez, Dobie Moore, Chet Brewer, Frank Grant. The only omission from the list of 39 which is glaring is Wild Bill Wright. Hope the Committee has the will power to effect a mass induction !

Jacob Larry Shope

Everyone of these names belongs in MLB's Hall of Fame. For those who get passed by, it will surely be an injustice.
A player like Minnie Minoso was better known with the Chicago White Sox, than as a Negro Leaguer.
I know this listing of (39) players survived a group of (94) players, but Bingo DeMoss and Wild Bill Wright not surviving the cut has me puzzled.

Steven Greenes

While DD Radcliffe had an interesting story and name, few who know the history of the Negro Leagues consider him one desrving of the HOF. The real problem is that at least half the list of 39 do truly deserve induction– but will they make it on a one-time ballot.

Dave Fadley

Why is this a one-time thing?? These men are just as deserving as any others to be considered more than once. There are others that also need to be considered.

Tom Kistner

How do you not include DD Radcliffe? The Hall of Shame again shows how silly they are. If they really wanted these guys in the hall they should induct them this year and every year until all that deserve are in !! One time ballot 75% of the votes, BULL. Do the right thing !!

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